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Your day, Your way

I’ve said it countless times before but… it’s YOUR big day, so you should be planning things your way. But I do appreciate that’s easier said than done!

Every person wants to be the one to give you that idea that you’d not yet considered, & to get a mention or credit on your wedding day. Bless their cotton socks for trying to help!

I guess it’s a bit like when you’re a new parent – everyone has some “useful” advice & opinions to pass on. Just nod & say thanks. Keep in mind that your wedding day is a representation of you & your other half. If a well-meaning family member, friend or colleague has a nugget of information to impart, then that’s nice.  However, you DON’T need to take it & use it if you don’t want to.

You could say “thanks but that doesn’t fit with our vision of our wedding. It’s a great idea though!” How diplomatic am I??

Oh, the wedmin…

As a planner, one of the most useful services that I provide is the admin (or, as it’s affectionately known, wedmin). I respond to emails & messages on the detail of your wedding day. This takes a lot of pressure off you as, let’s face it, you should be enjoying this part of your engagement – not stuck answering questions on why you chose this colour scheme & wouldn’t such-and-such other theme suit better.

Another place you may find unsolicited advice is online wedding forums & Facebook wedding groups. In theory, & in fact the majority of the time, these are great places to bounce ideas around & have a semi-anonymous rant about the frustrations of planning a wedding. But they can also cause some negative reactions, especially when you’re having a brilliantly quirky wedding. You know if it’s not someone’s scene that they’ll tell you that! Ignore them. it’s your day, do it your way.

Stay quirky, always

I guess what I’m trying to say is that when you’re a wonderfully alternative couple, you’ll most likely get some not so wonderful feedback. You just need to ignore it & carry on creating a day that you & your partner will cherish memories of forever.

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