From a wedding planning point of view, 2020’s trend looks to be… bucking the trend! Individuality, huge injections of personality, & having your wedding YOUR way are themed that are coming through time & again in my planning jobs.
Stay true to you! I’m loving this new trend.
From gothic venues decorated a la Dracula, to llamas, petting zoos & music festivals  at the reception, the possibilities are ENDLESS. I’m loving the honour of being tasked with finding vendors to bring such amazing visions to life.
No 2 days are the same, & no 2 weddings are the same. 2020 is the year of being YOU.
A bit of background – I’ve been in the wedding industry around 8 years, organising events for over 20 years. My business is Beckie Melvin Weddings – I’m a qualified & award-winning wedding planner, organising around 20 weddings a year across the Home Counties. I specialise in alternative, quirky weddings – because every couple deserves a wedding as unique as they are.
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