8 reasons to hire a wedding planner

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Now, this is a subject I am ALWAYS talking about, so please forgive me if you’ve heard me say this already! But I think it’s so important to talk about just why a wedding planner will be THE best decision you make for your wedding.

  1. First upI have a HUGE database of trusted suppliers at my fingertips. I’m talking over 1000 that I’ve worked with in various capacities over the years I’ve been in the business. I can negotiate & communicate with them, which undoubtedly takes the strain off of you. Imagine trying to keep in touch with 15/20 or more wedding suppliers in the lead up to your big day, with all the timetables & contracts & details. WOWZERS. Sod that for a game of soldiers! Give the information over to me.
  2. With this in mindI can also help you avoid the pitfalls of the unscrupulous wedding scammer. Now not everyone is as nice & honest as me, sadly every week I see yet another story of a couple being scammed out of their hard earned cash & it could easily be avoided with my input (more on how to spot a scammer here).
  3. I can do all the timetables of work, & most importantly, keep wedding suppliers inline & sticking to them! You don’t have time to diary-manage 15 odd suppliers I’m sure, so let me take it over for you.
  4. I know your budget & will help you stick to it. oh don’t worry,  I’m not a party pooper! BUT I will have details on what’s most important for you in the day, & what items we can cut back on with no heartache.
  5. I bloody love my lists lol. No seriously. I’m a stationery addict, so you’ll always find me with notebook (often with a rude caption on) & pen in hand, scribbling & scrawling & taking notes. This is ESSENTIAL to create a perfect wedding day, & with the average wedding taking 200-300 hours to arrange, it’s the only way we’ll get the result we all want.
  6. I can manage your guest list – RSVPs, food requests etc. Now at the start, this doesn’t sound so bad – a quick text to aunty Margaret to ask if she’s attending? No problem. A swift email to uncle Dan to ask if he wants chicken or lamb as his main course? Sure thing! But when you have your venue, catering manager, decor lady florist ALL wanting to know your numbers NOW, & your 2nd cousins, work friends, parents & in laws ALL need chasing… well, you have better things to do with your day. Give that list to me, & pour yourself something chilled while I get hold of everyone.
  7. I can diffuse difficult situations, as I’m not emotionally attached to the lovely guests you’ve invited. If one of your family doesn’t like one of your friends, or your mum’s trying to get you to use aunty Jean for flowers but you’ve already got someone booked… well it’s hard, & emotional, for you to get these things under control. But not for me, I’m in my element problem solving. So let me.
  8. The biggest boon of hiring a wedding planner is that you get to actually get to enjoy your engagement! Instead of being stressed by lists & notebooks & folders & contracts & Pinterest boards for every supplier… well that’s not fun is it? So come on, give it here, I’ll get those lists under control & TOGETHER we’ll design a day that’s as unique as you are.

So with all this in mind, what you waiting for? Get in touch with me today & let’s have a chat about creating YOUR dream wedding day.



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