wedding planners desk

There’s no such thing as a typical day as a wedding planner. Plus I warn you now, my life isn’t glamorous – the admin & paperwork that goes into making your wedding​ run faultlessly, well it ain’t pretty! But as it’s so important, I don’t mind so much. If you want to know more about what I do then drop me a line on hello@beckiemelvinweddings.co.uk



  • Get up slowly, usually with the aid of a bulldog or 2 leaping on the bed
  • Tea with Marmite on toast – if there’s no Marmite, then there’s a BIG tantrum & the day just doesn’t flow right!
  • Head to Pinterest to read motivational quotes & stories – got to start the day on a positive note
  • Off to the office where music goes on – anything I can sing to!
  • Write a list of what needs doing – TOP PRIORITY anything that is carried over from the day before
  • Check emails, making sure notebook is close to hand to note down any tasks that come up
  • 2 hours of admin which includes:  upcoming weddings, contacting suppliers, finalising details, checking contracts & timings, chasing RSVPs...

Break time!

  • Break for an hour – time for a snack, anything sweet, preferably orange chocolate (note to anyone reading this, orange chocolate is my weakness)


  • Back to the office, review the to do list & cross off anything that’s been done
  • Check upcoming social media posts – these are scheduled a few weeks in advance but sometimes I like to change around what I’ve planned if new things come to my attention
  • Complete any remaining urgent items before lunch


Lunchtime rolls around…

  • Lunchtime! A favourite treat is scampi, chips & beans from the local cafe, good to get out for some fresh air too


  • Back to the office for the afternoon
  • 1-2 hours researching local venues & suppliers – any new ones on the scene? If so, I get in touch & arrange a meet up where possible. At this point I also see if any contacts at existing companies or venues have changed, & update my records, again arranging meetings if appropriate


  • Stop work at 3pm, ready for the boy to come home from school.


  • Restart again for a few hours in the evening, checking on my Facebook group for any queries, & also touching base with any couples who need calls in the evening once their work day is over

I check my emails regularly throughout the day, with notebook & pen close to hand to keep track of everything that needs to be done. I’m ALWAYS making lists & my love of naughty notebooks & lovely pens helps.

No 2 days are the same

Like I said there’s no such thing as a typical day for a wedding planner. However admin, research & emails feature heavily. I use a mix of resources to research new venues & suppliers, if I want a break from the screens then I’ll pick up an alternative magazine such as Rock & Roll Bride & enjoy an hour or so of reading about talented wedding specialists, & the amazing services that they provide for quirky wedding days.

When I’m not working, I love shopping for Irregular Choice shoes, & binge watching Netflix. Current obsession is Pretty Little Liars, only 10 years late to that party haha! I’m not a late bird though, so all tucked up in bed with cocoa by 9pm on a school night, it’s tiring all this wedding business. I LOVE what I do & every day am very thankful that this is my job  <3

So now you can see how dedicated I am to designing dream wedding days, get in touch on hello@beckiemelvinweddings.co.uk to arrange a consultation. Bxx