A selection of FREE wedding planning resources

Picture the scene.

You’ve booked me as your wedding planner, you’ve told me what you want your wedding day to look like, I’ve promised you I’ll create a mood board & colour palette for you, but what do I do to create these lovely bits of eye candy for you? Well I go to my favourite wedding planning resources!


I’ve listed my top 5 below, but to be honest there are about 20-30 places I use to design & create weddings – I love to have a lot of choice.

Pinterest – first stop for me is Pinterest, where I’ll create a secret board & then comes the fun bit… Sourcing images that match your theme. Its really exciting to see a group of images right there in front of you, giving a little glimpse into just how special your day will look! I then grab all these images together & create a story book, mood board & colour palette to really get your pulse rating.

Rock n Roll Bride mag – I’m sure you’ve heard of this publication, if not then please do check it out! Rock & Roll Bride is the brainchild of Kat, it’s the only specifically alternative magazine in circulation. Kat also writes a blog (of the same name, find it here: *click here* ) & even a book published. If alternative, quirky weddings are your scene then check her out, you won’t regret it!

Rock My Wedding blog – Again, Rock My Wedding is brilliantly inspirational for anyone planning an unconventional wedding.  (*click here* )  I love looking through everyone’s amazing weddings & collating ideas & inspiration for my own couples.

Unconventional Wedding website –  This website is PACKED with inspiration & wedding suppliers, all based around, well, unconventional weddings.  (*Click here*) They feature real weddings, have wedding suppliers, ideas for wedding themes, a blog… pretty much anything you need to create a unique wedding. I have a listing on there, so you just know they’re top notch 😉

My own wonderful wedding suppliers list – now of course, I wouldn’t be ANY kind of planner if I didn’t mention those who time & again pick up my calls, take my couple’s & my ideas, & create AMAZING wedding days. My suppliers are without doubt the backbone to my business. After all, what kind of wedding would you have without suppliers to realise your dream? So a bit of a public THANK YOU to everyone of them who helps me daily

Right, now you’ve seen a bit of an insight into how I work & my favourite wedding planning resources, aren’t you excited about us working together to design & create a wedding as unique as you are? Email  hi@badassweddings.co.uk or call 07886 276366 & let’s have a chat about just how quirky YOUR wedding will be. Bxx