Creating a fun & festival feel wedding

OK I know I don’t like to pigeon hole people into a certain “theme” but I thought I’d write a few posts on the more popular … them

Wedding planning & those pesky RSVPs!

// Wedding planning is SO stressful // the part that people tell me about over & again is trying to get those RSVPs back in. ❤ Now, you could just junk

Frequently asked questions

Now, I get asked a LOT of questions – & that’s a GOOD thing! You should be comfortable with me & know that I can bring your vision to life,

Different wedding photography styles – a beginners guide

Back in the day,  wedding photographs all looked the same. The staged photos of various sized groups – bride + parents, groom + parents, bride + groom +h

Setting your wedding guest list

When setting your guest list, be prepared for a few hours (days… weeks…) work!   All about the priorities   You need to decide on your big

Budgeting for your wedding

Congratulations on getting engaged! Now the fun REALLY begins. However, there’s something I need to say … This might seem like a bit of a lecture,

My favourite wedding venues & suppliers

As a wedding planner, I am very lucky.  In my quest to create the perfect wedding day, I get to work with countless venues & suppliers. There’s a HUG

FREE wedding planning checklist!

I’m going to keep this really brief, because there’s not much to say! FREE stuff  – in the form of a FREE wedding checklist. Looking to get y

4 times an award finalist!

    Last week, I had the amazing news that I had been short listed for a wedding award for the 4th year in a row. WOW! I’m truly humbled by this


From a wedding planning point of view, 2020’s trend looks to be… bucking the trend! Individuality, huge injections of personality, & having your wed

How to incorporate lost loved ones at your wedding

I wrote a blog on this last year but it’s such an important subject that I wanted to revisit it. There are lots of ways available for you to make sure tha

Picking the perfect wedding venue

Congratulations on your engagement! You have the ring on your finger, so it’s time to get planning & first on your list is finding the perfect venue t