Budgeting for your wedding

Congratulations on getting engaged! Now the fun REALLY begins. However, there’s something I need to say … This might seem like a bit of a lecture, but it scares me how much debt people get into for the sake of just 1 day. It’s easy to do though, especially if you’re a bit of a Pinterest or Instagram fan like I am. All those wonderful ideas, which suppliers are keen to provide you with, at any cost. That’s what credit cards & loans were invented for, right? Plus hopefully you’ll only do this once….

STOP. Take a deep breath. You don’t have to buy all of the things (as pretty as they are!)

1. One approach is to have a longer engagement – This way you can spread the cost & pay for things slower, in smaller amounts.Don’t feel pressured into paying for something on the day at a wedding show or similar – Deals on the day are great, but don’t be afraid to take time to consider your budget & whether the service is one you really do need.

2. Ask suppliers if they can take payments in instalments for the item/s you’re interested in, again splitting the cost – Most people will work with your budget where possible, so don’t be afraid to ask.

3. ​Don’t take risks with your wedding dress – If your budget is really that stripped down, then contact your local bridal shop & ask if they have a sale rail or outlet room. The prices of dresses from Chinese websites may seem appealing BUT you won’t get what you paid for, plus you’re supporting counterfeit items which take sales away from the original designers. Sadly over the last 5 years or so, I’ve seen countless friends lose their high street bridal shops as a result of more people supporting online counterfeit dresses.

4. A lot of couples think that the DIY approach is a good way to stay within budget, & to a certain extent this is true – However it’s stressful, exhausting, & will probably end up costing as much with you sourcing your own items as it would cost to pay a professional. Personally, I’d rather a calmer lead up to my wedding!


5. Finally, as strange as it seems, employ the services of a wedding planner! Honestly, the links that they have to tried & tested suppliers are worth their weight in gold. PLUS as a planner, I have access to the best possible prices. With my suppliers having worked with me so much, they’re happy to pass on savings to my couples. I take my role seriously & while I know your budget, I won’t be a party pooper – guide’s honour! Instead, I’ll make sure we’re allocating the right amounts to the most important items.

I hope you’ve found this post useful? I’d love to hear if you have other suggestions for keeping within your budget for your big day. Please do email  me to talk about how I can help you stay on track – hello@beckiemelvinweddings.co.uk

Happy planning!

Beckie x

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