Creating a fun & festival feel wedding

OK I know I don’t like to pigeon hole people into a certain “theme” but I thought I’d write a few posts on the more popular … themes (Oh GOD I have to find another way of saying it haha!)


So first up, a festival feel wedding. Is that something that tickles your fancy?


It’s perfect for a summer wedding at an outdoor venue – Lattenbury Hill & Flaxbourne Gardens come straight to mind as suitable backdrops, if you’re still looking around. If you want a day that’s chilled & relaxed, informal but fun, where guests of ALL ages will enjoy the day, then this is the one for you.

Think lace wedding dress, flowers in your hair, tumbling curls. Think loose & informal flowers (especially sunflowers because… OK just because they’re my favourite haha). Think naked wedding cake… For the guys there’s no dark severe suits. Instead opt for pale blue or tweed feel. Pick a floral shirt to keep it funky, maybe even lose the tie. Some funky shoes (a la Irregular choice!) would complete either outfit perfectly because let’s face it, we don’t want a cookie cutter wedding right?


For entertainment, how about a live band? I wonder if Mumford & Sons do weddings? How amazing would THAT be??


You could have outdoor seating in the form of hay bales with blankets – these would protect bare legs from getting scratched, then in the evening provide some protection from the chilly air when the sun goes down.  Like a mini Glastonbury – Wedfest! Your invites could go out & look like tickets, with wrist bands for guests to really keep that fun feel?


From a decorations point of view, this type of day needs minimal input.


Ribbons on chairs for a bit of colour, maybe some empty bottles on tables with wildflowers in as centre pieces. Candles (in lanterns, safety first!) dotted about to create a lovely warm glow. For colour schemes, it could be anything really. From bright colourful pops of colour, through to muted tones to give a hazy lazy summers day feel. It all works really at this time of year.


For food, we’ll ditch the round tables with crisp white linen & a 3 course sit down meal. Instead let’s opt for long, rustic wood tables filled with sharing platters of food, or perhaps a hog roast, BBQ or even wood-pizzas. Anything to keep the community & fun feel up.


With regards to the actual MAIN EVENT (that’s the ceremony bit, of course, the most important part of the day).


You can get married outdoors here in the UK but it has to be under a permanent structure – such as a wooden gazebo etc. If you’d like to say you vows in this way then pop me a message on as I have a fair number of venues to hand that I can recommend.


So, having read all of this… are you excited yet? Oh, I almost forgot! I made a Pinterest board too, to help really get those creative juices running. Link is:


OK now I’ve got you all excited, let me know what you think. Can you incorporate elements from this into your big day? Is THIS the motif for you? (HA! I found another word for theme!!)


Email and let’s have a chat about creating a fantastic festival wedding day.

Much love. Bxx