Creating an exciting & cohesive wedding theme

As you well know by now, I am the biggest advocate for creating the wedding day that YOU want. It’s a special day, to celebrate the love that you and your other half have for each other, and it has to look the way that you want, while incorporating your shared interests.


However, you have to be careful when creating a strong wedding theme, especially when it comprises of several elements that wouldn’t usually go together. If you just go all in with everything, you risk your day looking very messy and disjointed! So, let me give you a little guide on making it all work out, while still being kick ass and quirky.


Oh, before I start I guess I should say – pick a theme & colours that complements your wedding venue. A modern contemporary hotel for example won’t suit an outdoorsy or rustic theme.


Right, let’s go.



Choose 2/3 elements that you just can’t imagine not having at your day. For example… dinosaurs, books and vintage crockery. No more than 3 though, 2 is ideal, 3 is max. Got them?



Pick your colours, a MAX of 3, with an accent colour too. For example – rich deep green, pops of bright pink, with accents of rose gold.


Now the fun bit.

Whichever items you choose from your theme, keep them within your colour palette. Gold dinosaurs, sitting in deep green china teacups edged with rose gold, and placed on a pile of old books in muted tones – perfect centre piece! Don’t go mad, not everything has to be coloured – cream / white / pale grey could also be incorporated to keep everything coherent and tied together, but the elements themselves (dinos, books or cups) will keep the theme itself quirky.


One of you could wear a pink or dark green suit or dress; perhaps your shoes could be rose gold; your flowers could be large tropical leaves with some bright pink flowers… Have fun with it!


If you need help with anything, even if it’s just to nail your elements or create a colour palette, then email me on – I’d love to help you get started. Stay quirky guys & dolls, Bxx


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