Different wedding photography styles – a beginners guide

Back in the day,  wedding photographs all looked the same. The staged photos of various sized groups – bride + parents, groom + parents, bride + groom +her parents, bride + groom + his parents… her family, his family, this friendship group, that group of cousins…  Fixed grins (perhaps even grimaces lol) on each person’s face.


Note:  I’m just gonna interject here with a little side note. I bloody love those photos! I got married in 2006 & had a huge number of group photos done. Since then, sadly a fair number of family have passed away, including all my grandparents. So these photos are extra special to me, hooray for staged group pix where we force people to line up! Those beautiful faces might be gone, but I can still look at them when I want to.


However, let’s be honest, they’re not the most natural representation of your big day, are they? The staged, somewhat tired (& let’s face it – by that point in the proceedings – HUNGRY!) faces in the photos don’t quite tell the story of just how much fun you had. How much love was in the room. How much laughter there was.  That moment your dad cried when he first saw you in your dress, or your best mate doing karaoke while standing on his chair, or your mum donning a sumo suit & challenging your aunt to a match…


That’s where the modern wedding photographers really come into their own, as they’re more like to capture the essence of your day, rather than just the pre planned staged photos.


However when choosing a photographer, just what are the various styles mentioned? What do they mean, & what do they entail? Which suits you best? Here, I’ll try to explain each style for you.


First up, the above style I described is Traditional Style. Pros are lots of photos of everyone in your party, along with classic & timeless shots. Downsides though are a LOT of direction & input from you & your photographer. Plus there’s a high chance that while photos are being staged, & people being called to order, there’s a chance of people missing the action of the day.


Next up there’s Contemporary Style wedding photography. This tends to be more fashionable, edgy, cool. There are a few staged shots, but the emphasis is on being more natural than traditional. The result is often very funky & artistic, but be sure to find a photographer who can capture your personality  too. Sometimes this can be lost in the quest for wickedly edgy photos.


Finally, there’s Reportage Style wedding photography. Now these are perfect for capturing the emotion & actual story of your day, be be aware that you will probably miss those traditional, formal shots – so be sure to tell your photographer if you want to set some time aside to catch these. The aim of this style is to be unobtrusive & natural, catching those moments that could  be missed with the hubub of everything happening during the your day.


So, now that you know a bit more about each style of photography, which one suits YOU best? I’d love to know! I have a huge list of vetted, talented photographers on my books so whatever style floats your boat, I can promise you that I have your perfect match here waiting.


I’d love to chat photography, so be sure to email me on hello@beckiemelvinweddings.co.uk

Have fun choosing!

Beckie x


PS I know a lot of us are money led, but  as ever – when choosing a supplier, please use your brain & not your wallet! There are a HUGE number of wedding photographers on the scene, and while the majority are legit, there are a number who exaggerate their abilities, while appealing to your pocket. For tips on how to double check that your photographer is who they say they are, just email me hello@beckiemelvinweddings.co.uk