Frequently asked questions

Now, I get asked a LOT of questions – & that’s a GOOD thing! You should be comfortable with me & know that I can bring your vision to life, with minimal stress & maximum enthusiasm.

Here are a list of a few of the questions I get asked several times a week, if there’s anything else you’d like to know just ask. I’m a very open person & would love to put your mind at rest.

Email me on & we can chat all things wedding. Bxx

<< This >> is my wedding date – are you available?

Probably the most important question to ask! Before anything else, before we get excited & create mood boards & go into details, you need to know if I am actually available! I book up to 2 years in advance, & offer everything from on the day coordination to complete wedding planning, but only take on 1 wedding to attend per date.

Can you work within our budget?

Yes. I work with a HUGE range of trusted suppliers, so whatever your budget I will ensure we’re sticking to the limits that YOU have set. During our initial planning session, we’ll sit & work out where your 3-5 biggest priorities are, as in what you CANNOT do without. Similarly, we’ll also list 3-5 things that you’re not bothered about, so less emphasis will be put on achieving those. It’s a balancing act & between us, we’ll achieve it.

What services do you offer?

Now there’s a question! I offer everything from wedmin (chasing invites & creating timelines, on a pay-per-hour basis) all the way through to full, up-to-your armpits wedding planning. I have experience in all aspects of planning & also appreciate that no 2 couples are the same. So it would be best to sit & have a chat about just what you need help with on your wedding planning journey.

How will we be able to contact you? Is there a limit to the number of meetings we can have?

Initially, we’ll have our (FREE no obligation) chat via phone, Skype or face-to-face, whichever is best for you. This usually takes around 45-60 minutes & we really get to the bottom of what areas need support. After this, once you decide I’m the one for you you can contact me on phone or email. We can have as many meetings (locally) as are required to chat – & up to 5 at your venue. I’ve found this to be plenty of time to get everyone up to speed on where we’re at in the process.

How will supplier payments be done? Do you pay them, or do we?

I’ll negotiate prices, check contracts & then pass this info to you. You check that you agree with the proposals, pay the supplier directly, & I update my file with a big tick where relevant.

Do you have recommended suppliers that we’re expected to use?

I have 1400 I’ve worked with over the years, so can happily match you with your perfect wedding vendor – on budget, style & most importantly, personality. But if you have someone you want to use for specific services then that’s awesome! I’d be very happy to work with them

Will you be speaking directly to suppliers, or via us?

Once we’ve set up the contracts with each supplier, I’ll speak to them on day-to-day administrative work, but I WON’T make decisions on your behalf. We’ll work together on those, to ensure you still have the control over how your wedding day works out. If at any point you want me to be the only point of contact (as I will know your wishes for your wedding day), or similarly you want to speak directly to them, then just say. It’s all about what makes YOU comfortable.

Will you be managing the guest list & invitations?

Yes – this part of the wedmin will be my responsibility BUT you will have regular updates on the responses received, anything outstanding etc. It’s a time consuming task & your time is best spent on other tasks.

Will you be coordinating delivery & set up times directly or via us?

I will create a timeline & running order for the day with suppliers, but will ask you for your confirmation before it’s distributed to vendors.

How many team members do you have? Who will be attending my wedding?

At time of writing (Jan 2020) there’s just me! I’m the name & face of Beckie Melvin Weddings, & it’ll be me attending on the day if your wedding. I have some background assistance in the office but it’s only me you’ll speak to on the emails, phone & in person.

Will you be able to create a timeline of how the day will run? And how will people stick to it??

Again yes, I will create a timeline for your day which will be given to both guests & venue staff (management, head of catering etc). However before it’s published anywhere, you & I will sit & go through every detail to ensure you’re completely happy with it. As for how I get people to stick to it, well I can be very… assertive (maybe even bossy!) so people know where they should be going & what they should be doing.

What happens if you’re sick or unable to attend on the day? Do you have a backup plan?

I have another wedding planner & close friend that I am able to call if required. However to date – *touch wood* – I have never missed an event in 10 years.

How many weddings have you planned?

I’ve been involved in around 40 weddings at time of writing, across a range of services.

Will it just be my wedding you’re working on on the day? Or do I need to “share” you with other couples?

No sharing, it’s YOUR big day so I’ll solely be YOUR planner for the day.

Have you planned any other weddings at << my venue >>?

I have worked at a large number of venues across the South East. If I haven’t worked at yours previously, then I make a trip at the earliest point to make sure I know the staff, the floorplan, the services, etc. I don’t want to get to the day & not know where the rooms are, who’s the manager etc! *shudders* Be prepared, always.

What’s the most unique wedding you’ve planned?

Now there’s a question! There’s SO many that come to mind. There was Alice in Wonderland for Pippa D, that was great fun with me helping to make stationery & decorations. Then there was the last minute wedding in 3 weeks for a terminally ill groom, that was heart wrenching but also uplifting. There’ve been festival themed weddings, huge glamorous weddings, tiny weddings of 25 guests…. each one is so special in its own way. Please don’t make me pick!

What’s the biggest disaster / problem you’ve had to deal with on a wedding day?

Oh lordy. I try not to think about the downsides, but of course you have to learn from these challenges! At one wedding, the cake maker was involved in a car accident on the way to the venue & the cake was smashed. That was pretty devastating (I & 3 bridesmaids saved as much of it as we could & put bouquets strategically around it to hide the missing bits for the photos!). Then there was the bride who got so drunk she couldn’t stand up. There’ve been punch ups. Guests being ill from drink. Electrics failing. Bands not showing up… you take each one with a deep breath, calm approach, then afterwards think WOW did that just happen??

Do you have any references I could see?

I do! I’m very proud of every one that I get, that I publish them on the website. I also keep the original mails & texts so you can see “in person”.

How do payments work?

I offer payment via BACS or card. I provide full paperwork with invoices, receipts & contracts so you know that everything is in order. For payment plans I offer monthly payment instalments, or splitting the total into 4. You have several options to work with me & if another way suits you better then please do let me know.

And finally…. how much is it to employ your services?

Ah the million dollar question, right? As I said earlier, I offer a range of services from wedmin at a pay per hour basis, through to full wedding planning. So what I do is bespoke quotes for each couple, that way you know you’re getting the best support for you at the best price. Please do pop me an email on for your own quote & let’s get your wedding plans off to the best start.