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I thought it might be nice to give you some fun facts about meĀ  & a little insight into my background, & that you may not know. I hope you like what you read!


Going back to the start

I was born in Barnet, raised in Potters Bar, & lived in Hertfordshire until 2012. My first flat after I moved out was above John Lewis in Welwyn Garden City town centre. I loved that place! It was cheap, & BIG for a 1 bedroom flat. Myself & Mr M held a lot of very noisy, drunken parties there. Sorry neighbours!!

I went to a private school in Welwyn. I know, you wouldn’t guess to hear me speak šŸ˜‰ But if you listen to WHAT I say, rather thanĀ howĀ I say it, then I think you’ll realise that I do in fact have a pretty good brain in this blonde head.


Office with a view…

I left school in 1998 with 13 awesome GCSEs & 4 pretty darn good A Levels. Instead of going to uni, instead I chose to work as Executive Assistant to a director at Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield. First ever job & I had my own office with my name on the door. BOOM!!! My role there was excitingĀ  & challenging. My organisational skills (& obsession with list-making) meant I would tackle every task head on, proudly becoming my Director’s right-hand woman.

I stayed in the NHS for around a decade, before trying out work for Tesco HQ in Welwyn Garden City. I enjoyed being nearer home, & earning better money. However, I never felt that I fitted the corporate environment. Although I am grateful for the opportunities I was granted. It meant I could keep honing my organisational skills, perfect my diary management, & generally learn to love being efficient.

By chance, I got made redundant in 2012 (yes, it was a positiveĀ thing!). I used the money I got from payout to set up my own events business, using what I’d learned over my years of working in the offices. I specifically wanted to be involved in the wedding business so took courses in Wedding Planning to help me forward. As a result, I was hooked. This industry has my heart, even though it’s changed significantly since I started.


The challenge

On a personal level, getting to where I am has been a bit of a challenge. In 2015 I became very unwell & after 2 years of tests & appointments, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia with M.E. (Also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but I hate that phrase. The fatigue is just a small part of the condition). My health can be very up & down, as I throw myself into my work & then suffer if I’m not careful. A few times I’ve lost entire months as I just can’t get up to do anything, but I have NEVER missed a job.

In 2017 I met the owner of Flaxbourne Gardens in Aspley Guise. I went over to discuss running wedding shows there, to put the wedding venue on the local map. Within a fortnight, Paul had me signed up as the Wedding & Events Coordinator for Flaxbourne. I’m not lying when I say it’s my dream job! I’m very lucky to work with someone who shares my business ethos, & understands me – not only with the challenges I face, but my need to keep on creating dream wedding days.

Going forward, I’m excited.


There are new challenges to be had both in my own wedding planning business, & at Flaxbourne Gardens. I’m seriously excited to see what the future brings for me. It’s my 40th birthday in May 2020 & I honestly think it’s not a cliche to say that lifeĀ startsĀ at 40. But maybe I’ll revisit that thought AFTER the event!

Thanks for reading. I hope this gives you a bit of an insight into what I do, where I’ve been, & where I’m going to. I’m an open book so anything else you think you’d like to know then just ask! I’m not shy šŸ™‚ Thanks for your continued support, here’s to making more memories TOGETHER. Beckie xx