Writing the perfect wedding speech

Oh, the speeches! The good, the bad, & the ugly…

I’ve heard them all in my time as a wedding planner so I thought I’d give you some helpful hints & hopefully some inspiration too. Have you got your pen & paper to hand? Then off we go…

  • Amplify that awesome voice – where possible, use a microphone or PA system, you need to make sure your voice reaches all parties. There’s nothing more frustrating than only catching every few words & not understanding what’s being said!
  • The all important introduction – stand up, introduce yourself & give your relationship to the happy couple (sibling / parent/ best man / etc).
  • Acknowledge & thank the person who spoke before you (if relevant).
  • Try using small cards instead of reams of paper – they rustle less if you’re using a microphone, plus people will want to see your face so don’t hide behind a sheet of writing!
  • Or, because it’s the 21st century after all, a mobile or tablet – just make sure all the sounds & notifications are switched off!
  • Keep calm, deep breaths, don’t rush – you’ve spent long enough writing your speech so you want to make sure that it’s coming out clearly to all who are listening
  • Timing is everything – I don’t mean comic timing (only a few are blessed with this skill!), but with regards to length of time you’re speaking. Practice your speech beforehand. You don’t want it to be too brief, but similarly don’t ramble on – however funny those stories are.
  • On the subject of stories, everyone loves a good anecdote or 3 but make sure you put them together in a form that fits, and into a coherent story.
  • Mention both parties – you might be only closely related to 1, but the day is about BOTH of them so be sure to keep them both happy.
  • Mind your Ps & Qs – if you want to tell a joke or story, make sure it’s suitable for ALL audiences, go for risque at worst – keep those R rated revelations for another time, & spare people’s blushes.
  • Finish with a toast to the happy couple, the new & (hopefully still) beaming Mr & Mrs.

If you think of anything I’ve missed, or you’d like to run through what you’ve written, then I’d be happy to help. Just email me on hello@beckiemelvinweddings.co.uk and we can have a chat.

Enjoy the creative process,
Beckie x