Positive wedding planning – especially during a pandemic

I can’t believe I never published this blog! It’s one of the most important ones I’ve written. Oops!! Backdated from JUNE 2020 xx
At time of writing, we’ve been in lockdown & this strange way of life for nearly 3 months. The world as we knew it has stopped, all events & socialising have been stopped, & all plans for weddings have had to be paused. Even the most positive amongst us are being pushed to our limits, trying to maintain a sunny outlook. How do we keep our enthusiasm for planning the most kick ass wedding day, when there is no mention yet of when weddings can recommence?
Well here’s the thing. Well I’ve never planned a wedding in the middle of a pandemic before, I have planned weddings while surrounded by less than positive energy (planning a very short notice wedding for a terminally ill groom comes to mind). Therefore I have a few tips for keeping that positive energy flowing.
Take regular breaks from the planning process. Admittedly that’s a little easier to do now, as not every supplier or specialist is able to commit to a date. But it’s really important to remember. There is more to life than just planning a wedding! Put the folder / planner / laptop away on a regular basis, and focus on other things that make you happy. Whether that’s a hobby, watching a (non-wedding related!) film or simply getting out For a walk. The plans can wait.
Remember why you’re doing this. It’s for you and your partner so don’t neglect your relationship for the sake of the Wedmin. Again take regular time out to reconnect, and enjoy each other’s company, ensuring you avoid talking about anything related to the wedding while you’re having your downtime. Consider having set times of the day when you sit and work on your plans together, then outside of this you enjoy just being with each other.
Remember to breathe. Sounds silly right? But planning a wedding as unique as yours is hard work even without a pandemic. Stress easily sets in, especially while we are out of routine, and unsure of the future. Shoulders up for your ears yet? Neck tense? Headache? I’m not surprised! Push the paperwork aside and take a few deep breaths with your eyes shut. Try and relax your shoulders and give yourself a break for a bit.
On this subject actually, you might want to try some mindfulness. There are several apps available to help you. I particularly like “calm” with a large selection of sound effects, such as rainfall, waves on the beach, etc.
Avoid anywhere that harbours opinions on current events, rather than facts I think this takes out of the majority of social media! But you have to be selective about where you get your information from. Only use trusted sources – the WHO, & the government website are my go to’s. If something is written on social media, but it is NOT on those 2 sources, then I take it as untrue. Sounds simple when I say it like this, but it’s so easy to panic about things you seen online when they have the potential to ruin your awesome wedding day! So take a deep breath and fact check.
Thinking on opinions, this is something that as a planner I see Time and again. Other peoples opinions on your quirky wedding day. Even if they don’t say out loud that they don’t like your ideas, they still let you know, right? The cocked or raised eyebrow. The sniff of disdain (probably accompanied by aforementioned eyebrow ha ha!) Or worst of all, words along the lines of “oh. Are you sure you want to do that?” My response to this and you is take a deep breath, and remember whose wedding day it is. That’s right, yours. If it makes you guys happy, then bloody well do it! Stick two fingers up to anything that doesn’t make you happy. It’s no one else’s business – your day, your way. Repeat that mantra to yourself because you WILL come up against judgement. After all, yours is no cookie cutter wedding. Oh no! It’s going to be wickedly funky and give people a strong reaction.
Seek out ideas from like-minded people, and keep those close to hand, for any time that you start to feel unsure. If it were me, I’d gather up a load of Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride magazines, or print fantastic ideas from Pinterest etc. Keep them in a folder, and if you start to feel a bit negative, open up your folder! There you have a brilliant collection of ideas, to remind you just how much fun your wedding is going to be, and I hope put that positive spring are back in your step.
Finally, remember. This current uncertainty won’t last. Love is only postponed, weddings are only postponed. They are not cancelled. One day in the near future, you and your soulmate are going to have the most kick arse wedding, a fantastic celebration of your love and a great way to start the next chapter of your lives together.
Bonus point. Speak to me! I’m cool calm and collected and even in the face of complete chaos and uncertainty, I am able to bring order back. Seriously, it’s my superpower – a mix of high positivity and mad organisational skills. Not something to be sniffed at ha ha. Huge love Bxx
Ps my contact deets are hello@beckiemelvinweddings.co.uk or call me on 07886 276366. I’d love to chat all things wedding with you🖤