Sizzling Summer – look back at 2019 weddings

Sitting here now, looking out the window at the grey clouds & rain coming down my windows, it’s hard to remember the Summer! Did we have one?? Perhaps I blinked and missed it. No, to be honest what happened was I worked the majority of it. That’s one of the downsides (if that’s the right word) of being a wedding planner – wedding season is the Summer! However, I’ll tell you what, I had a blast. Honestly, SO much fun! Let me see if I can remember who I saw.


Hm, going back to May & starting from there…


  1. Mary & Steve – now THAT was a party! Many drinks were taken, many laughs were had, & many hugs had with an ecstatic bride.
  2. Nicola & Tom – a BEAUTIFUL foliage themed wedding, with a relaxed approach which carried on through the whole day.
  3. Gilly & Andy – FESTIVAL wedding!! Live music, a silent disco, a CO2 canon (let off by the bride!), hay bales, outdoor games… on one of the hottest days of the year, it was one of the coolest weddings to be involved in
  4. Rachel & John – these 2. Just thinking about their wedding brings a happy tear, they melted my heart. Beautiful couple.
  5. Kerry & Andy – a small but perfectly formed wedding, involving LOTS of Sunflowers which of course made my soul sing!
  6. Francesca & Enrico – an intimate, Italian themed wedding. With a relaxed, banquet-style BBQ & Limoncello wedding favours. What’s not to like??
  7. Arv & Selina – weirdly, another Italian themed wedding! This time with a travelling Pizza van to create individual pizzas as per each guest’s request. YUM! ((I’ve included their feedback below)
  8. Sarah & Vince – These 2 were just a dream, so sweet together & a brilliantly relaxed day. (I’ve included their feedback below)
  9. Gemma & Adam – – Again, the loveliest couple to work with, they had a lovely red & crystal theme to their day. Super classy & a change from the pale, dusky pink I’ve seen a lot of this year (although I do still love that colour)
  10. AnnMarie & Pete – This wedding was FULL of personal touches, which started with the cutest knitted couple set at the entrance of the venue for all to see. With personalised touches throughout the rest of the day.
  11. Zoe & Jason – a 9m pregnant bride hitting the dancefloor?? Err, yes! Along with a cake that was an exact replica of the venue, the whole day was just beautiful.
  12. Amy & Liam – this was the last wedding of the season for me, & what a way to end it! A huge party at a beautifully, colourful venue, it was a lovely way to finish the run of weddings.



No wonder I’m so knackered haha, but I have LOVED every moment of them. From setting the table decor up, to helping brides go to the loo, to chatting to lines of guests waiting for food, to helping little ones find their parents … it’s all been AMAZING. I wouldn’t change my job for the world!


Below is an example of the feedback & photos from the season. When you’ve had a look, get in touch on because you know you need less stress & more time back! Hand on heart I promise I can help you. I look forward to chatting on¬†about what I can help you with.