Wedding day disasters!

Over the last 10 years working in the wedding & events industry, I’ve had the pleasure to be involved in some stunning days. Every wedding is as special and unique as the next & I am truly lucky to be able to work with couples to help create their special day.




For some reason, people like to hear about the disasters! It’s almost like they wanna know what’s the WORST that could happen at their day… But I’m going to indulge you and tell you a few of the days that I’ve really had to get my quick-thinking cap on for.


First, there’s the marquee wedding where the weather wasn’t particularly kind (think April showers combined with high winds!). Everyone was inside, nice and safe and warm, snug as happily married bugs. Then all of a sudden, the electrics go out! No lights, no power, nothing. The wind had knocked out the power & after a few goes trying to get everything started again, it was obvious something was fried. What’s a planner to do? Well, as part of my large contingency plan I had the details of a local company who supply generators. I called them, explained how urgent it was, and within an hour we were back on track with lighting & power restored. Generator saved the day! Meaning the party was able to continue, the food was only slightly late to the tables, & the fridges full of drinks were still safe.


At another wedding, the cake maker was involved in a (minor) crash on the way over. She was OK but the cake had taken rather a big knock so – understandably – she was devastated. In come the cavalry – myself, the chief bridesmaid and the photographer. Between us we mopped up the cake maker, made sure she was safe & then set to work on the cake. About 15 minutes later, which involved removing icing from some parts & replacing on others, removing the worst hit parts of the cake, & covering the top with the bridesmaids flowers, we had created a cake that was suitable to take part in the cutting photos. Team work for sure!


Did anyone order a punch up??


What else? Oh! There was the bride who got so drunk that she could barely stand up, threatening to be ill over her gorgeous dress. That was fun, sobering her up. There’ve also been punch ups, drunk & passed out guests,  guests falling over, grooms getting rather too agitated about … I don’t remember what. Basically, my life as a planner is not all glamour – a lot of it is quick thinking and problem solving. But then, that’s what I love. I enjoy that part – creating calm from chaos. It’s what I’m here for.


Crisis averted!

So, now you know some of my disaster-averted stories – do you still think having a planner is just a luxury? because reading these back, I’d say a problem-solver who’s on your side is more of an essential. I’d love to chat over how I can help with YOUR plans, so please do email me on – let’s chat weddings!


Take care, With much love