Wedding planning during a pandemic

Wait for the storm to pass

Are you wedding planning during this pandemic? I’m SO sorry you’re this stressed! I’m going to admit something… I didn’t want to write about this! Honestly, I think there’s enough conflicting info out there in the world already. Some useful, some completely bloody terrifyingly incorrect lol. However, I can’t deny that I’ve been contacted so many times by stressed & overwhelmed couples asking me just how do they continue to plan at the moment, so here are my top 3 really simple tips. Plus the 1 thing you really *shouldn’t* do.


First up, stay calm – there’s nothing you can do to solve this problem, well besides stay indoors as much as possible & wash your hands like mad. But apart from that, you have NO control over the situation. Instead, control how you react. Stay calm. Do meditation, deep breathing, yoga, stay distracted with nice hobbies… ANYTHING that stops the noise in your head. Personally I read novels, sit & do a puzzle, or watch cheesy movies whenever I find myself getting worked up by this pandemic.


Next up, only take your information from TRUSTED news resources. These would be: The daily government update at 5pm, the Government website, the NHS website and the World Health Organisation. That’s it. No matter how you feel about our government, the update & the website is the only way you’ll get valid information. That post on Facebook written by your mate’s next door neighbour, saying that there’s no weddings until 2023? Crap. That newly set up Facebook group full of armchair experts? Scaremongering. Stick to the above 4 & stay informed that way.


Which leads me to the final important point. Take regular breaks from being online, especially from social media. I don’t know about you but it doesn’t feel very social any more! Instead it feels scary, & full of people purporting to be telling you the GUARANTEED NEXT STEP which then turns out to be bollocks (sorry. Couldn’t think of another word lol). Switch the TV / phone / laptop off, close the newspaper, & take a walk outside – naturally observing social distancing rules as you do so.


What you should NOT do: Take other people’s views, opinions & experiences as gospel as to what will happen to you. If you want to know what you should be doing, & to get an idea of what’s happening with your wedding, then keep in touch with YOUR venue. They’re the ones leading the wedding plans, as venues are led by government directives. Your mate’s venue won’t know. Your neighbours florist doesn’t know. That woman on that Facebook group, who runs past a venue 50 miles from yours every day, & has noticed red tape across the door recently… SHE doesn’t know. So grab your phone, dial that 1 number, ask your venue & then take a deep breath.


If you have to postpone your wedding, it’s for the best. You’re NOT cancelling! Don’t ever think that, & certainly don’t say it. You’re merely pausing the planning for a bit. It’s not forever, & also you’re not alone.

Even if your wedding ISN’T affected by the planning, I think it’s healthy to take regular breaks from it. To reconnect with your other half, & consciously NOT talking about anything matrimonial. Instead remind yourselves of why you’re together, reminisce on the fun times, & talk about what you’re going to be doing in the future – holidays, or maybe big plans for your dream house. Your life isn’t JUST planning a wedding, that’s merely a little part of your big life together.


I hope this has helped in some way, I’d love to hear if you have any other ideas, so please do email me on

Similarly if you’d like help with ANY aspect of planning your quirky day, then get in touch. I’m here to help & can regularly be found giving FREE advice & inspo in my Bad Ass Brides Club. No selling, no talk of the current virus, just good fun chat.


Take care, stay safe & sane, & CALM 🙂 After all, there’s nothing else that we can do about wedding planning during a pandemic, right?

Beckie xx