Wedding venue inspo – a quick overview

When you first get engaged, it’s hard to anticipate the large number & types of wedding venues that are on the wedding market! Honest to God, a new 5 pop up just in my part of the world every month. It’s crazy!


How on earth are you meant to choose? Where do you start??


Well, over the years I’ve gone through this countless times with couples, so figured it was time to share the process & ease your pain. If you have your notebook & pen to hand, we’ll start narrowing it all down!



Woodland – Now, this is a fun option! A number of woodland wedding venues are available to hire, which are perfect if your wedding theme is based around nature, foliage, fairytale or ethereal feeling. No need for lots of decoration & styling, these spaces speak for themselves. The only thing is there’s no building / enclosed space in which to hold the party so bear this in mind when planning. You can put old oriental ru

Tipi / yurt –  YES I love a good tipi & yurt wedding! Most likely to be found in a field or woodland glade, these are a really fun space in which to bring together your epic ideas. Working perfectly with any theme that’s based around festivals, rustic or outdoor vibes, you can design a wedding day that everyone will remember! Just be mindful to  take into account ALL the costs associated with this approach – as you’ll (likely) need to bring in every little aspect, including toilets, generators, bar etc. You can’t deny the end effect is worth it though!



Marquee –  Again, a great blank canvas in muted colours to provide a wonderful backdrop to ANY themed wedding day. Majority are white or cream, meaning any colour scheme works. They’re found in places such as restaurant gardens, & the grounds of mansion houses. Lots of potential, mainly of a good size too. Not exciting to look at but you can really create something really exciting inside.



Converted or renovated barn – lots of these around, as owners see the potential & want to show off their premises to more than just a few family members a year. Barns can be anything from totally empty blank canvas, through to renovated to a cool, industrial space. If it’s the former, then it’s perfect for a rustic kinda vibe – think hay bales, hessian, lace, glass jars of fairy lights etc. If it’s the latter, then a hip neon vibe works really well – exposed brick, polished cement floor, neon signs with cool sayings (“death til us party”, anyone?), copper accents, a live band… you get the gist.


Loft or warehouse – pretty much as the above, but wouldn’t suit the rustic theme. Instead it’s perfect for the more contemporary feel. If your big day has an edgy vibe then this would work perfectly for you.

Castle – there’s not so many of these types of wedding venue around, but when you DO find one, they’re beautiful! If you have your heart set on a fairytale day, perhaps reminiscent of something you’d find in a Disney movie, then this is your place. But most likely, you’re more of a Gothic, dark & brooding kinda couple. In which case…. A castle or abandoned church is your venue. Huge candelabras, dark coloured blooms, rich textures such as fur or velvet, dark wood… gorgeous!

Church / place of worship – Not just for the religious! Of course, that’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see a church or similar. But did you know there are a number of abandoned churches or those which are not just used for worship, meaning you can really go to town on bringing together an exciting theme. Edgy, dark vibes would work well – candles in groups on the floor, black accents, rich dark reds & purples in the flowers & décor, maybe a few animal skulls to bring interest to the table… that’s a Pinterest-worthy wedding right there! Check out The Asylum Chapel in London for some ideas.

Mansion house –Mixed thoughts on this type of venue I’m sure! At first glance, they can appear a bit staid and old fashioned. BUT there are a number around who have embraced their history, & then brought it to life with contemporary & unusual twists. Redcoats Farmhouse in Hitchin has come to mind as I write this. Worth a look.

Museums – YES! Seriously, a BIG yes from me. Now there are 2 that spring to mind straight away, that’ll leave your guests open-mouthed, & you 2 talking about your big day for the rest of your lives. The National Space Centre in Leicester, and The Natural history Museum in London. Opposite ends of the scale with what they represent, but both wonderful, exciting spaces. If you’re looking or the venue to ring the wow factor, while you guys just rock up then this is the sort of venue you should be exploring. No need for fancy décor, as the spaces speak for themselves. YUMMY!


Other – some venues I just can’t fit into any category above, but they’re wickedly cool & funky! So worth a mention on their own. The Barbican Conservatory in London. Kew Gardens in London. Middle Temple Hall in London. The Ned in London… Aynhoe Park in Oxfordshire. Whipsnade or Woburn Safari Park, both in Buckinghamshire. The list is endless & quite honestly, I’d be typing them out all day! So let’s make it easy. You email me on and you tell me where in the world you are, and what you’re looking for. Then I get my thinking cap on and give you a short list of suitable venues – which will match your budget AND your style. Sounds good, right? So, I’ll speak to you soon! Bxx


PS A few other venues have come to mind. They’re NOT quirky but they might be a good back up plan, or come in useful for another time! Bxx

Country club – not very quirky, but a safe bet. Nice & airy, blank canvas, neutral colours in the function space… Not my scene & probably not yours but worth a mention!

Town hall – as above, a safe bet. HOWEVER these types of building do have some nice historical features, high ceilings etc. So with some careful uplighting & décor, you can create a nice space. However for me, I’d prefer somewhere quirkier.