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It’s OK, deep breath – I’m here to help.

First of all, DON’T PANIC! It’s not a problem. I’ve listed here a few things that haven’t gone to plan at recent weddings I’ve been involved in, & the ways in which they were dealt with. Now of course, I’m in no way trivialising your feelings & your need for it all to be perfect. I’m just pointing out that there are quick & simple solutions for the issues. Anything else you think of or are worried about, please do let me know, let’s work on them together. Bxx

Rain rain DON’T go away!


It’s raining? Traditionally rain on your big day is lucky! It also provides some great atmospheric wedding photos. Why not provide some personalised umbrellas if you’re getting married outdoors? And don’t forget some spare wellies too, especially important if your wedding is in a garden, farm or woodland.

Perhaps some of the finer details are the wrong colour – maybe the cake ribbon, the floral centre pieces or chair sashes? Only you will notice these changes. Honestly! Don’t let it spoil your day, enjoy yourself & follow up with the relevant supplier afterwards to discuss if applicable compensation.

Has a family member or friend made too much of the bar? A quiet word with your wedding planner or venue manager & they will move them to a side room with a strong coffee, & gentle coercion to sober up.

Depending on what’s gone wrong, the chances are that the guests won’t notice, so it’s not worth worrying yourself about. ​

Whatever you think is a problem, it’s NOT insurmountable. As long as there’s you & your partner, promising your best to each other, then everything else is extra.


Here to help

This is possibly the point to once again reiterate the importance of employing a wedding planner. With their help, all these hiccups can be dealt with without you even noticing. Some venues have a coordinator included in your package but it’s still advisable to use an independent planner too, who can be there from the start of your planning process & understand the vision that you have for your wedding day.

​This is especially important when your wedding is more styled & themed, with more elements to tie in together. Something to think about, right? Bxx