Your Day, YOUR Way

Have weddings changed from what people think of as traditional? 


Oh for sure! Every couple I work with wants to create a day as unique as they are, so you stand out from others, and as a result so many traditional elements are being cast aside. Less sit down wedding breakfast at round tables, and more hog roasts or sharing platters of food at long tables.

More wild and unstructured bouquets, instead of tight posies. Brides opting for short, colourful dresses, even jumpsuits! The boys are leaving black and grey suits on the shelves, and picking more eye-catching outfits instead.
As a wedding planner it’s so exciting to see each couple embracing what makes them happy and designing these awesome days with them.


Have you always wanted to be a wedding planner?

I’ve always wanted to help people, but I did my first wedding event and that was it, I knew it was the job I was meant to do.


What’s your favourite part of wedding planning?

It’s got to be talking to the couple about all of their amazing, fun, quirky ideas and seeing them realise that they can actually have the wedding they’ve dreamed of. It’s not just ideas on paper, together we can create it. It’s an amazing feeling!


On a wedding day, the best bits that always brings a lump to my throat is watching the face of the person waiting at the end of the aisle, when they catch that first glimpse of their beloved walking towards them. Tears every time! I’m so soft.


Why are you so passionate about couples NOT compromising on their vision? Shouldn’t they just follow the trends, to have an easier planning journey?


Wedding trends are just that; trends. Something that most others are copying. And sure, this is good if you want to fall in with the mainstream crowd. However, what if you’re just not into what’s trendy? What if that leaves you cold? The classic pale pastel pinks & sheer organza & traditional church wedding etc…


What if you’re actually a bit of a wild-child, a 50’s Rockabilly fan, or you love anything to do with Gothic items, or you always wanted to get married on the beach wearing a flower crown and a pink sequin dress? Should you shoe-horn yourself into a trend, purely because you feel it’s expected of you? The answer is NO. You need to have a wedding day that’s reflective of YOU, and what you guys love, and what matters to you. You shouldn’t feel you should compromise, it’s your wedding day so you should do things YOUR way.  Otherwise you’ll look back and think “I wish I’d done things differently”.


How should couples start their wedding plans? How do they know what suits them? 


Communication. It’s key to everything! Sit down & have a chat about everything you love, shared interests, maybe you always envisaged your wedding taking place in a certain setting, or wearing a certain outfit… anything to open to doors of communication. If you’re still struggling, then get in touch with me. I have a knack of being able to have a conversation with couples & then getting right to their priorities, even without them realising. I find that bit really exciting!


I hope this has helped? I’d love to hear your thoughts on whether this has got your ideas flowing, or if in fact it’s left you even more confused. Let’s chat weddings!

Take care


Photo credit to Rafe Abrook Photography, thanks for the kind use of your photo!